Vision Therapy

The term “vision rehabilitation” refers to the wide variety of optometry services that can help restore loss of vision. Those who have recently lost vision, have an eye injury, or are blind can find help in Huntingdon Valley with visual rehabilitation. Our eye doctor, serving Northeast Philadelphia, at Holistic Vision specializes in vision therapy, helping patients correct, restore, and maintain healthy vision.

Visual Rehabilitation In Huntingdon Valley, PA

What Does Vision Rehabilitation Cover?

Vision rehabilitation is any type of vision therapy service that focuses on restoring a person’s vision. Just like how a physical therapist can help patients recover from car accident injuries, strains, strokes, and chronic illnesses, a vision therapist helps patients recover from weakened, damaged, or lost vision.

Vision therapy treats numerous eye dysfunctions that can cause visual impairment. Examples of impairment-causing conditions that your vision therapist can help with include:

    • Eye focusing deficits: Occurs when a refractive error affects how you focus on an object.
    • Lazy eye: This happens when the eyesight becomes decreased due to abnormal visual development.
    • Strabismus: A condition that makes an eye turn up, down, in, or out.
    • Visual perceptual deficits: This is when you are able to process information that is taken from the eyes.
    • Eye-tracking deficits: People with this condition have trouble tracking objects.
    • Binocular vision dysfunctions: This refers to the improper coordination of both eyes.

How Your Holistic Eye Care Professional Can Help

At Holistic Vision, we use a number of vision rehabilitation services to help maximize a patient’s health, recovery, and wellness. Not only will our optometrist, Dr. Sapossnek, help to restore your vision, but she will help it reach its full potential. Each rehabilitation process involves a custom-made treatment that is focused on your needs. Our eye doctor is knowledgable in vision therapy, and she will be there to help you every step of the way. Our vision rehabilitation services give patients optometric, medical, therapeutic, and psychological support for their visual impairment.

Call Our Optometrist in Huntingdon Valley, PA, Today For Holistic Eye Care

If you want to improve or develop your visual abilities with ease and efficiency, contact Holistic Vision in Huntingdon Valley, PA, for an appointment. Our eye doctor, serving Northeast Philadelphia, can help with all of your eye care needs. Call our team at (215) 663-5933.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Dr. Sapossnek is an excellent optometrist. She has my complete trust. She is so thorough in her exams and includes parents in conversation and education, so I know and understand all the facets of my children's vision. All of the above [in the Patient Satisfaction Survey are] EXCELLENT, no need to elaborate. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Sapossnek and am glad all of us can go to her-both for my child with vision therapy needs, daughter and I with glasses, and son who needs neither.""
    Benjamin / Huntingdon Valley, PA

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