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Why Do Healthcare Providers Refer Patients to Holistic Vision?

Welcome to Holistic Vision – our holistic vision care practice that operates exclusively to provide patients with expert vision therapy. We are not a general eye care clinic that offers routine vision testing or comprehensive eye exams to diagnose or monitor eye disease. Our holistic eye doctor, Dr. Robin Sapossnek, does not provide medical eye care for ocular disease.

So what do we offer at Holistic Vision?

Dr. Sapossnek provides highly specialized, leading-edge care for people with difficult and uncommon vision problems and/or chronic vision problems not addressed sufficiently by traditional eye care. She has years of experience helping a wide range of patients, such as:

  • Adults who experience problems with their visual skills as a result of stroke, concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Kids with visual problems that manifest as difficulties with learning and reading.
  • Athletes of all ages who desire to enhance their sports performance; we help to strengthen the visual abilities needed for their specific activity.
  • People of all ages with lazy or crossed-eyes who would like to optimize their vision.

What can you expect from our holistic vision therapy practice?

Specialized, Top-tier Skill

Dr. Sapossnek’s unique expertise is in providing neuro-optometric rehabilitation and integrative vision therapy for adults, as well as vision treatments for learning-related problems, such as double vision, eye misalignment, strabismus and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Often, patients who suffer from headaches, poor balance and eye strain never get properly diagnosed for their visual problem. At our holistic vision therapy practice – we evaluate each case to diagnose or rule out a vision condition, for which Dr. Sapossnek provides advanced, custom-tailored vision therapy. Only a highly qualified and experienced eye doctor can provide this type of care.

Cutting-edge Technologies & Techniques

We offer specialty techniques and advanced technologies that other eye care practices do not have. For example, our holistic eye doctor has experience providing:

  • Syntonic phototherapy
  • ZBell testing related lens prescriptions
  • Orthoptics and a wide variety of vision therapies
  • Micro prism treatments
  • Selective occlusion
  • Visual field expanding glasses to treat people with hemianopia
  • Chromagen lenses for neuro visual sensitivities
  • Colorimetry testing and treatment
  • Prescription of specific wavelengths for people with photophobia
  • Visual vestibular therapies
  • Hand-eye coordination training
  • Visual prescribing for Postural Restoration Integration (PRI)
  • Binovi therapies
  • RightEye, a computerized ocular tracking testing and therapies

Whether your own research has led you to the benefits of our holistic vision therapy practice or your primary eye care provider refers you, contact us to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you!