Vision Problems and Traumatic Brain Injuries

When you get into an accident or face an injury to the head, you want to check on your vision. At Holistic Vision, Dr. Robin Sapossnek offers treatment to help after a traumatic brain injury. She gives you the treatment and care you need to address vision problems that develop when you face a head injury during an accident.

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Common Vision Problems after a Traumatic Brain Injury

The vision problems you may notice after a traumatic brain injury depends on the injury and the location of the injury. A key problem with diagnosing a problem with your vision is the lack of proper medical evaluations. Soldiers and others who may face head injuries do not always report the injuries to their doctor. They may overlook a concussion because they did not lose consciousness.

Vision problems usually relate directly to difficulty seeing clearly. It may also impact the sensitivity of their eyes. They may notice that it becomes difficult to see in bright light or they do not see colors clearly. Blurred vision or difficulty reading may occur in some individuals. 

Signs of Vision Loss after Head Injury

The signs of vision loss after head injury vary. Each person has unique experiences and changes to their vision based on the specific area of the brain and eyes that may face injuries. Common signs of visual change include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Changes to color vision or a loss of color vision
  • Poor balance and posture
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty reading
  • Double vision
  • Headaches, particularly when focusing
  • Aching eyes or tired eyes
  • Problems with concentration
  • Loss of memory

You do not want to overlook changes to your vision. By working with our eye doctor, you address problems associated with vision loss.

Vision Treatments

Our eye doctor in Huntingdon Valley, PA provides treatment to help with vision concerns after a traumatic brain injury. She may recommend Vision therapy exercises that help with visual skills by helping your eyes learn to work together as team, change focus from distant to near, improve depth perception, peripheral vision, and tracking while reading.

We may provide an eye exam to clarify the injuries before recommending a treatment strategy. By checking your eyes and evaluating all structures including your retinas, we are able to determine the cause of your vision loss and then work on a solution to help with your eyes.

Contact Our Eye Doctor Today

A traumatic brain injury increases the risk of difficulties with your vision and eyes. To learn more about treating visual loss after an injury to your head, call (215) 663-5933 today.

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