Pediatric Optometry

Did you know that almost 70 percent of all learning children do is vision-based? Thousands of children have problems with their schoolwork each year that could be avoided with the right kind of vision correction. If you've been hearing from your child's teacher about behavior problems in class, homework not getting done, or the inability to keep up with classwork, any of these problems could be caused by the inability to see clearly. At Holistic Vision, we recommend that all of our young patients have their eyes examined on a regular basis. Children often can't tell that poor vision is their problem, but a professional exam is often the answer to any number of school problems.

child receiving an eye exam from his optometrist

What Happens During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

Your preschool child doesn't need to know her letters in order to have her eyes examined, and even the shyest child can successfully get through our exam process. We'll begin, like with an adult exam, by having your child look through lenses at an eye chart, except our special chart for children includes symbols such as a house, an apple, and a square instead of letters. Our pediatric eye doctor will also shine a bright light into the back of your child's eye to make sure the retina is reacting properly. Our office located in Huntingdon Valley PA also convenient to the Greater Philadelphia area.

During the exam, our doctor will look for a wide variety of vision problems that affect children's school performance, including amblyopia or lazy eye, strabismus or misaligned eyes, convergence insufficiency or the inability to maintain focus, and problems with depth perception or focusing ability.

Meet Dr. Robin Sapossnek

Our pediatric eye doctor in Huntingdon Valley PA has spent years treating children in the Greater Philadelphia area. Dr. Sapossnek grew up in Queens, NY and developed an interest in optometry while on the pre-med track in college. She loves learning and sharing with her patients, and spends over 50 hours each year in continuing education classes. Dr. Sapossnek's goal is to improve her patient's lives by improving their vision through standard and holistic methods.

Contact Our Local Eye Doctor for a Pediatric Eye Exam

If you've ever said, "I need a children's eye doctor near me," our office is the right place to start for you and your children. Our caring, professional team will help your child with a wide variety of vision problems, from simple eyeglasses to elaborate vision therapy. Let us get to know your child by scheduling a visit with our doctor. Give us a call at 215-663-5933 and we'll make an appointment today.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Dr. Sapossnek is an excellent optometrist. She has my complete trust. She is so thorough in her exams and includes parents in conversation and education, so I know and understand all the facets of my children's vision. All of the above [in the Patient Satisfaction Survey are] EXCELLENT, no need to elaborate. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Sapossnek and am glad all of us can go to her-both for my child with vision therapy needs, daughter and I with glasses, and son who needs neither.""
    Benjamin / Huntingdon Valley, PA

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