Pediatric Eye Exams

Why it is Important to Bring Your Child to an Eye Doctor for Pediatric Eye Exams

Good eye health is very important. Because of this, most people know how important it is to see an optometrist on a regular basis to have their eyes checked and receive a vision screening. When you are in the Huntingdon Valley and Northeast Philadelphia area, it is also very important to have your children's eyes checked as well. There are several reasons why it is important to bring a child in for regular pediatric eye exams.


Ensures that Eyes are Healthy

One of the most important reasons why you should come in for a pediatric eye exam is because it will help to ensure that your child's eyes are healthy. Most adults are aware that there are a variety of serious eye diseases that could impact your vision. However, many are not aware that these same diseases can affect a child. When you come in to see a pediatric optometrist, the eye doctor will check for these diseases and ensure that your child's eyes are healthy. If necessary, they can also start a treatment plan to correct the issues.

Check Vision and Provide Correctness Options

Having good vision is very important for all people. Poor vision in many ways can affect children more than it can affect an adult. If a child is not able to see clearly, it can make it harder for them to see a board at school and to participate in sports. At an eye doctor, the optometrist will check the child's vision by running a variety of tests. If their vision is not clear enough, they can write prescriptions for glasses or contacts, depending on the child's age.

Teaches Good Habits

Finally, when you have your child come in to see an optometrist, you will be teaching them good lifestyle habits. All people need to get into the habit of seeing a healthcare professional on a regular basis. Part of this health routine should include having them see an optometrist. When you see an eye doctor regularly throughout your life, it will allow you to enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision as much as possible. 

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There are many different reasons why you should bring your child in for a pediatric eye exam. If you are in the Huntingdon Valley and Northeast Philadelphia area, you should contact us at Holistic Vision to schedule your next eye doctor appointment. Here, you can be assured that your child will receive great care from our team of optometrists. 

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