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In the past, wearing eyeglasses was the most common means of correcting refractive errors. Modern advances in LASIK surgery, however, have made this a viable option for individuals looking for an alternative to improved vision. These FAQs from Holistic Vision in Huntingdon Valley explain more about LASIK eye surgery and what it has to offer. 


What Is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK is a surgical eye procedure designed to correct refractive errors of myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism by reshaping the cornea.

Who’s Eligible for LASIK Surgery?

Not everyone is eligible for LASIK surgery. Our Northeast Philadelphia eye doctor will conduct an eye exam to determine if you qualify for this procedure. Generally, LASIK candidates must be at least 21 years of age and be free of eye diseases and health conditions that can hinder healing from the eye surgery. You must also have a stable prescription for two years before surgery. Pregnant and nursing moms do not make good candidates for LASIK due to hormonal fluctuations that can alter eye shape and vision.  

What Can I Expect from LASIK Surgery?

Although LASIK surgeons cannot guarantee perfect 20/20 vision, LASIK surgery can drastically improve your eyesight, making it unnecessary to wear glasses or contacts for good vision. You’ll have greater freedom to enjoy activities like sports play, movie watching, driving, etc., without having to use eyewear for optimal vision.

How Safe Is LASIK?

LASIK is considered a safe and effective procedure that yields successful results. Although there is always some risk with surgery, LASIK complications are rare. Working with a reputable eye surgeon in Northeast Philadelphia increases your chances of a successful surgery.

Is LASIK Painful?

Your eye surgeon will use anesthetic drops to numb your eyes before the procedure, so you feel no pain during the surgery. After the procedure, you will be given prescription eye drops to make your eyes feel more comfortable while they’re healing.

Are There Restrictions to What I Can Do After Surgery?

In the first few weeks after surgery, we recommend you avoid contact sports and swimming to give your eyes a chance to heal. Otherwise, you can resume your normal schedule of events within twenty-four hours of the procedure. Our optometrist will monitor your sight over the next few months to ensure there are no complications.   

Are Both Eyes Treated Simultaneously?

Yes. For your convenience, it’s recommended both eyes be treated at the same time. Your eye doctor will decide accordingly when you schedule your procedure.

See Your Huntingdon Valley Optometrist for Help with LASIK Surgery

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