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What is a Holistic Vision Consultation?

At our Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, eye care center, we take a special individualized approach to eye care. Our team relates to each patient as a whole being, considering all aspects of your physical, emotional and social well-being. To us, you are much more than just eyes and vision – you are a unique person with your own needs, expectations and preferences. That’s the basis of our holistic vision therapy.

What happens at a holistic vision consultation?

When our eye doctor meets with you, we’ll evaluate your eye health, visual skills, lifestyle requirements, detailed functional visual history and general health condition. Your holistic vision consultation will include an eye exam, listening to your questions and answers, and providing you with a total eye care plan.

In particular, we will assess:

  • Eye health – inspecting your inner eye tissues for any signs of disease, UV damage or other health conditions
  • Focusing ability – checking your visual acuity at a range of distances
  • Eye coordination and movements – assessing how your eyes align to work together as a team
  • Health and diet – exploring how exercise and the food you eat strongly impact your eye health and vision

What are the benefits of holistic vision therapy?

By getting a comprehensive view of you, your ocular health and vision condition, we are able to provide a personalized eyecare solution. As opposed to other standard treatment plans, your holistic vision therapy program will fit your unique health needs and lifestyle circumstances.

Do you spend extended periods every day driving, reading, or using a computer? Are there particular sports or exercises that you engage in regularly? What about hobbies, such as craftwork, dancing or playing a musical instrument? We’ll learn all of this during your holistic vision consultation – and we’ll use these details to custom-design a vision therapy plan expressly for you.

To optimize your vision for your life – schedule an appointment with our Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, eye doctor.