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An Overview of Contact Lens Exams from Holistic Vision

There are millions of people out there who rely on corrective lenses every day. Some people elect to go with glasses, while others might use contacts instead. When someone decides to go with contacts, they will need to have something performed called a contact lens eye exam. This is important for making sure that everyone ends up with the right contacts to meet their needs. The team from Holistic Vision is here to make sure that those in the Huntingdon Valley and Northeast Philadelphia areas understands the importance of having a contact lens exam performed by a trained eye doctor.

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The Contact Lens Exam

The contact lens exam is important for making sure that patients end up with the right contacts for them. At s typical appointment, the doctor goes through a few different contact options. He or she measures the curvature of the patient’s eyes to make sure that the contacts are a perfect a fit for them. Then, the doctor accompanies the patient in practicing the safe way to apply a contact lens in each eye.. Finally, the eye doctor will inform the patient on how often the contacts must be changed and also discuss some of the common problems that arise.

Problems with Contacts

There are a number of issues that people might have with their contacts. Some are more serious than others. Sometimes, patients have trouble getting the contacts in or out of the eyes. Patients need to make sure that they are comfortable putting in contacts before leaving the doctor’s office. If they are having trouble getting the contacts out, look for a thin ring of blue that signifies the contacts. In other cases, patients might have trouble with contacts that are falling out. If this happens, reach out to the doctor to make an appointment for re-fitting.

Trust the Team from Holistic Vision

It is important for everyone to listen to the optometrist and take good care of their contacts. This will be important for preserving someone's contacts as well as their vision. Anyone who has questions or concerns about their vision should reach out to the team from Holistic Vision today. We are here to serve the people of Huntingdon Valley and Northeast Philadelphia, making sure that everyone has access to a trained eye doctor who will place the needs of his or her patients first. We would be happy to do the same for you. Please call us today at (215) 663-5933 to make an appointment.

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  • ""Dr. Sapossnek is an excellent optometrist. She has my complete trust. She is so thorough in her exams and includes parents in conversation and education, so I know and understand all the facets of my children's vision. All of the above [in the Patient Satisfaction Survey are] EXCELLENT, no need to elaborate. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Sapossnek and am glad all of us can go to her-both for my child with vision therapy needs, daughter and I with glasses, and son who needs neither.""
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