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Dr. Sapossnek is excellent. She performed a very thorough assessment and educated me on a lot of things. Looking forward to developing a plan that would improve my visual performance and overall quality of lifestyle
10 months ago
- T S.
"Holistic" Vision couldn't be better named. Dr. Sapossnek and her care team are superior. My elderly father had a stroke and has a complicated cognitive and visual outcome. He has been demoralized with his new limitations. It has been difficult finding a doctor throughout this process. My father was handled with dignity and patience from the moment he entered their office. Dr. Sapossnek was comprehensive in her examination. She treated him with kindness, patience, compassion and understanding when answering his questions. And she was clear and honest in her explanations of her assessments of his condition, while still being hopeful. My father now has a better outlook on his visual limitations. I thank Dr. Sapossnek and her team for that.
12 months ago
- David H.
I was highly impressed with the testing and services as well as the education provided to me regarding the aforementioned. They are very accommodating and concerned about bettering the patient in a way that is unique to each individual. Looking forward to awesome results!!
1 year ago
- Andrea H.
Fabulous office. The doctor really took her time to work with my child and find the right prescription.
1 year ago
- Meg H.
Always a positive experience at Holistic Vision. Robin is so knowledgeable about the vision/brain connection!
1 year ago
- Judy A.
I found Dr. Sapossnek's office staff to be polite and friendly. Dr. Sapossnek is professional, and puts you at ease. She explains things clearly and in a calm manner. I was worried before my appointment but I left feeling good knowing I have found a great optometrist!
1 year ago
- Marla N.
My now 17 year old started seeing Dr. Sapossnek for a "holistic approach" involving eye exercises. She takes her time. She refers back in the chart to look at changes over the years (in my daughters situation there has been improvement and her prescriptions has gotten weaker). She knows her patients. She connects the vision to other life changes. She provides solutions. She is what a medical professional should be.
1 year ago
- Sandra C.