Age: 13
“VT was a great option for Nicole. She is currently performing at a B-A status in all of her classes. Her teachers noticed a big improvement in her concentration level, class participation and confidence when taking tests. Before VT, Nicole was taken out of the classroom during tests. Now she remains in the classroom and is doing very well on her own! She is also completing all of her classwork.”

Age: 11
“After 6 months of vision therapy, her prescription for glasses has changed for improvement. She does all of her homework fast and is getting A’s and A+’s on her grades. She is a happier child.”

Age: 10
“Now that therapy is completed she loves to read and has no loss of placement. She has not complained about headaches at all. And no more blurry vision or tired eyes!”

Age: 49
“With the help of vision therapy and the proper eye glasses (with prisms), I no longer have double vision and my headaches are few and far between. I would highly recommend vision therapy.”

Age: 55
“Improved balance, peripheral vision, concentration, cognitive endurance, self confidence, focusing, and double vision problems have gone away.”

Age: 34
“Vision therapy has helped make my eyes work together more as a team, and has made me more aware of when they are not. My depth perception has improved as a result, and I can notice this especially when looking at 3D photographs.”

Age: 9
“My daughter is a voracious reader now! Since vision therapy, she has read her entire series of Juny B Jones books and is now eagerly going through the entire series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She regularly
finishes her homework in her school’s aftercare program. Her focus and attention at school and at home has improved tremendously. Her confidence and attitude has improved.”

Age: 11
“After vision therapy, my daughter has had less vision related headaches, uses her eye muscles together so that she no longer sees double and her school work has improved. She has been given her confidence back.”

Age: 7
“Joseph has improved tremendously. His coordination is better and he can more accurately judge depth now. In fact, he is the best batter on his baseball team this season (something he struggled with previously..) This was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend vision therapy to others who are considering it!”

Age: 56
“The letters no longer jump on the page. I am reading the newspaper, doing the crossword puzzle and reading large print books. I am able to resume playing bridge. I am driving better without the feeling that other cars are “coming” at me.”

Age: 48
“His eyes do not cross nearly as often. He’s more coordinated-not so clumsy! His eyes do not wonder like they used to. He knows when they do, and knows how to fix it.”

Age: 41
“I had difficulty concentrating, my eyes would become exhausted and feel watery by late afternoon. I stopped reading books…Now, I can concentrate for long periods. My eyes do not tire as easily and I can read for hours at a time!”

Age: 11
“My daughter’s first sign of improvement was a decrease in complaints of nausea and headaches resistance. It was about 4 months after completion of the eye tracking program that she started reading without “trying to get out of reading”. Now she reads without being told to read.”

Age: 11
“Before my daughter started vision therapy, she has constant headaches and could never complete homework and class assignments in the given time. Her headaches have gotten better and she is better able to complete assignments in the given time. She continues to do vision therapy at home to ensure that she can continue to do well and not have as many headaches.”

Age: 9
“This is Gillian’s second experience of vision therapy. The 1st 6 month period was simply amazing. He went from writing several letters backwards, feared reading, and visible anger to way more self-confidence, above grade-level reading, admission to the school’s enrichment program, and most importantly a happier person/child.”

Age: 15
“When my daughter started vision therapy, she had trouble seeing the large E on the eye chart… Each week we came to therapy for a 1 hour session and each week Shannon’s vision improved… She has now completed vision therapy and her vision is 20/20! Amazing!”

Age: 10
“She is much more patient, enjoys reading. Has improved depth perception and balance. And has gained an ability to focus.”

Age: 11
“Jamie is doing much better in school. She does not have to work quite as hard as she used to. Things come to her more naturally. She is able to keep up with the class and has much more confidence. Her focusing and tracking has greatly improved. Jamie loves to read now and loves school too! She reads better, she does not have headaches.. she is also joining the reading Olympics team at school!”

Age: 9
“The biggest changes in her academic skills were seen in math, reading, and spelling. Her handwriting, while neat, became even neater. Numbers, words, and letters were suddenly “seen”, where they were “skipped out” before. Elizabeth’s confidence in her school work has improved as she felt more in control of how she could perform.”

Age: 11
“My child’s eye were floating off to the side. She would look directly at an individual, but her eyes were uncontrollable. We came twice a week, despite the fact that I work full-time and the patient had a long
school day. We made vision therapy a priority. She now can feel her eye muscles and can take control of their movement and focus. She looks better and more alert and more confident.”

Age: 7
“Before vision therapy, Joseph has headaches, he always rubbed his eyes, poor reading skills, and losing his place. Joseph no longer gets headaches, his reading has improved 100%, and his eyes feel a lot better.”

Age: 10
“She has gone up 2 grade levels since starting vision therapy. She has been reading much more fluently, she does not get as frustrated with reading as she did before.”
Age: 22
“Since vision therapy, I have been able to read longer and comprehend more of what I need.”