Sports Vision Therapy

Our vision is a vital part of the way we sense the world. We utilize touch, smell, taste, and hearing inputs as well, but a very large portion of our perception comes from vision, and an appropriately large part of the brain is dedicated to its function. Vision, generally, is our most accurate way of orienting ourselves and navigating. If you're reading this, you are likely well aware of the wonders of sight! It's important not to take our vision for granted, and to ensure excellent holistic eye care. Holistic Vision, your eye doctor serving Northeast Philadelphia and Huntingdon Valley, specializes in all types of eye care, including sports vision therapy. Both regular vision therapy and sports vision therapy involve vision improvement, although they focus on different aspects of sight.  


Vision Therapy

Regular vision therapy helps correct vision problems without surgery. It involves correcting problems, or eye dysfunctions, in the eyes themselves, or visual processing problems in the connections between the eyes and brain. Vision therapy can aid children or others with learning or reading problems. It can restore vision lost from impairments, injuries, strokes, or chronic illnesses. After a comprehensive eye exam, your Holistic Vision optometrist can help you decide if you are a candidate for holistic eye care vision therapy. 

Sports Vision Therapy

Sports vision therapy is a form of vision therapy useful for professional and amateur athletes of all types. It utilizes different sets of exercises to improve visual acuity, peripheral vision, and eye-hand coordination. Visual acuity is the ability to see objects or people in motion. These exercises can help you improve depth perception and more accurately track objects. Other exercises can improve your visual reaction time so that you react more quickly, for example, to a ball or other object coming at you. Peripheral vision exercises permit you to see more from the corners of your eyes, at the edges of your vision. Depth perception enhancement gives you better judgment of your distance from objects. These abilities to see more, in greater detail, and more rapidly can be terrific advantages for any athlete, or really, any person. Eye-hand coordination, and in some sports, eye-foot coordination, can also be improved by appropriate exercises. The amazing thing about these exercises is that, by natural means, they enhance, or improve, visual abilities we all possess. 

Holistic Eye Care

Holistic Vision, in Huntingdon Valley, your eye doctor serving Northeast Philadelphia, utilizes the most advanced techniques for vision and sports vision therapy. The team uses Right Eye eye-tracking tests and training to monitor eye movements and find vision issues. This technology can aid in improving visual skills of all types, especially those involved in sports performance. Comprehensive eye examinations are very important for several reasons. Diseases, such as glaucoma, can cause blindness without warning if not diagnosed in time. A comprehensive eye examination, followed by appropriate holistic eye care, can identify and improve most vision problems. For the finest in vision care, contact Holistic Vision, your Huntingdon Valley optometrist, for an appointment today!

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  • ""Dr. Sapossnek is an excellent optometrist. She has my complete trust. She is so thorough in her exams and includes parents in conversation and education, so I know and understand all the facets of my children's vision. All of the above [in the Patient Satisfaction Survey are] EXCELLENT, no need to elaborate. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Sapossnek and am glad all of us can go to her-both for my child with vision therapy needs, daughter and I with glasses, and son who needs neither.""
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